Sapphire Buffalo Turf Care

Mowing your Sapphire Buffalo Lawn

  • Mow every 5-10 days in the hot months; mow every 3-6 weeks in the cold months.
  • Mowing height will vary: 2-5cm in sunny/lightly shaded situations,5-7cm in heavier shaded situations.

Fertilising Tips

Fertilising your Sapphire Buffalo Grass

  • Buffalo grass needs to be fed to remain strong and healthy.
  • It's important to use a slow release fertiliser one month after laying (applying fertiliser before this time has shown not to make a difference to lawn establishment).
  • We recommend fertilising at least twice a year using a slow release fertiliser -

    * Firstly in early April using our Summer/Autumn blend slow release fertiliser.

    * And again in September using our Spring blend slow release fertiliser.
  • For a better winter colour you can use our Summer/Autumn blend again in June.
  • And if required, you can also fertilise again in summer using our Summer/Autumn blend.
  • If you need a quick green up, a high nitrogen fertiliser can be used e.g. Supergreen or an organic based slow release fertiliser, however slow release fertilisers are generally better for your lawn and more cost effective. In the heat of summer avoid over fertilising or using manure based products.
  • Click here for the Recipe to keep Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo lush green all year round

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Pests, Weeds and Diseases

Sapphire Buffalo Grass is resistant to pests, weeds and fungi compared to most other turf varieties, but as with any natural product, occasional problems can occur. If these problems occur we recommend the following:

  • Pests - watch for the lawn grub (e.g. web worm or army worm) and african black beetle- apply suitable pesticides according to directions.
  • Weeds - if weeds infest, hand eradicate before seed head develops or apply a suitable weedicide (ask your local garden centre.)

    NB: sprays containing DICAMBA must not be applied to soft leaf buffalo grass...!!!!!!!

Lawn Grub and Disease Control

Killing and keeping weeds out of your lawn

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