Sapphire Turf Research

Shade Tolerance

Sapphire is the #1 Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass in shade

Sapphire has recently been found to be the number one soft leaf buffalo grass in shade. This has been proven by research data from Horticulture Australia and the Department of Primary Industries Queensland (DPI QLD). See summarised table below for more information.

Note: We took the raw data from the HAL & DPI QLD research and summarised the averages of that data in the table below for an easier to read format.

Shade Percentage Averages from HAL & DPI QLD Research
Cultivar 30% 50% 70% 90% Avg. 30-90% shade
Sapphire 6.93 6.5 5.65 3.33 5.6
Shademaster 6.15 6.33 5.65 2.43 5.14
Average of 8 other popular Buffalo varieites 5.84 5.61 4.93 2.63 4.75


Note: These are averages from subjective turf quality ratings. (0=dead 6=acceptable 10=excellent).

Four ratings were taken (16th and 30th March 2009, 20th April 2009 and 11th May 2009).

Data from Adaptation & Management of Australian Buffalo Grass Cultivars for Shade & Water Conservation. HAL and Queensland Department of Primary Industries.