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  • So Fine, So Soft, So Beautiful
  • Just touch it, feel it, and look at it.
  • You will be impressed with a Sapphire Buffalo Lawn.

Sapphire: The number one Buffalo in shade.

#1 Buffalo in shade proven by research.

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Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf has performance as good as any other buffalo grass, with the added benefit of fine texture.

A Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear, has excellent winter colour, and has a deep root system.

A Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn has a colour that is truly amazing, its deep green colour will make your home lawn "the envy of the street".

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has a super fine texture. So if you want a buffalo lawn, but dont like a coarse looking leaf, then a Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn is for you. Other great performing buffalo lawns have a much coarser looking texture compared to Sapphire Soft leaf Buffalo Grass.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has excellent winter colour in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide (provided it is fertilised in April). It will go dormant in colder areas like Canberra, but it will hold its winter colour longer than most varieties.

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