Lawn Weed and Pest Control the Easy Way

By Todd Layt

There are many herbicides and pest control products that are difficult for the home owner to buy due to registration or the fact that the products are only available in larger sizes and cost too much for the average lawn. Many lawn care professionals have access to these chemicals, so sometimes it is best to call in a professional weed and pest control company.

Removing Onion Weed is one example. Removing the bulbs does not really work, so the only option for the home owner is to paint the leaf with Glyphosate over a few applications. Difficult to do, and does not always work. Destiny is a professional spray that kills Onion Weed without hurting most lawn types. At over $700 it is too expensive to buy for one home, but it does do many hectares, so the best way to get rid of Onion weed is to call a professional in to spray the onion weed with Destiny.

Taking couch or Kikuyu out of gardens is easy for the professional; they simply spray the grass with Fusilade, killing the grass but leaving your non grass plants unharmed. It will not even harm Mondo grass, Liriope, Lomandra and Dianella as they are not true grasses. At $198 Fusilade Forte is not too expensive to buy, but as it does a large area it may be better to call in a professional to do this plus take care of other lawn problems.

Halosulfuron is a chemical that takes out sedges in lawns. This is really useful in eliminating Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch in lawns and even gardens. Sedgehammer is available to the public at around $72, so it is also one you can use your selves, however having a professional take care of multiple problems can be more cost effective.

Acelepryn is a safe non-scheduled lawn grub control for turf. It lasts up to 6 months, so a mid-Spring application will get you through the lawn grub summer season. It is an expensive chemical to buy for the homeowner as the 750ml bottle does a hectare. If you get a lawn care professional to undertake other work, it would be worth getting them to apply this at the same time. It controls African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs, Cutworm, Armyworm and Webworm.

If you are going away for a summer holiday, it is worthwhile considering having a lawn care professional not only apply Acelepryn, but at the same time applying Primo Maxx. At $132 it is viable to buy this yourself as well. Primo Maxx Turf Growth Regulator works for 6 weeks, greatly reducing turf growth. Apply this before you leave on holidays and you will not come back to a jungle.

Lawn care professionals should also have a good grasp on other weeds, so they can take broadleaf weeds out of lawns, and with the right experience they can even take out many grass weeds. They can apply fertiliser to your lawn as well. If you want to do this yourself it is recommended to use a good slow release lawn fertiliser.

Professional lawn spraying contractors also have access to a lot of great lawn grass pre-emergents, which prevent weed seeds from germinating. If you want to do this yourself, you can buy Oxa Pro which is a combination slow release fertiliser and a pre-emergent.

If you live on acreage it is worth getting these chemicals for yourself, otherwise many like Acelepryn and Destiny are too expensive in the larger commercial sizes they come in, so it is probably best to use a contractor. If you get on well with your neighbours you could alternatively pool resources, but that can become difficult at times.

Using a professional can mean no more Nutgrass, or Onion weed, it can solve lawn grub problems, and can lead to a healthy weed free well fertilised home lawn.