Keep Your Sapphire Lawn even Greener in Winter

Recipe to keep Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo lush green all year round

Sapphire has excellent winter colour, but no lawn will look as lush and green in winter as it does in spring. So this recipe is to help keep your Sapphire lawn even greener in winter.

Fertilise at the beginning of April and again in mid-June with slow release fertiliser applications at a heavy rate, we recommend the use of our Summer/Autumn blend. Fertilise in September to October with a moderate rate of slow release fertiliser, for this time of year we recommend our Spring blend.

Fertilise in January, February or March if the lawn is having problems such as lawn grub or disease, has brown patches, or is looking a little tired, with a moderate application of slow release fertiliser. However it may be worth considering further optional applications, if your lawn receives very heavy wear from dogs or kids, or you want a dark green lawn all year. THE MOST IMPORTANT FERTILISER TIME IS AUTUMN AND WINTER.

Mowing practice can also help keep Buffalo greener in winter. Leave at a moderate length for most of the year. If after all the recommended fertilising the lawn browns off in winter, lightly mow the Buffalo. Under even many frosts and the odd heavy frost, only the tips of leaf burns on Buffalo. A light mow removes most of the burn making the lawn instantly greener. In our trials we lightly mowed around the 20th of July.

To improve winter colour and general health of Buffalo, it is recommended to dethatch the lawn in spring every 2 to 3 years for Sapphire. Around the end of August in Queensland or Sydney, or early September in cooler areas like Melbourne dethatch the lawn. The easiest method is to simply mow the lawn very short, and collect the clippings. Another method is to hire a dethatching machine, or simply lightly top dress the lawn.

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